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Greenlandic Labrador Tea

Greenlandic Labrador Tea

Greenlandic Labrador tea is an extremely potent antioxidant that helps to reduce the visible signs of aging due to high level of phenolic compounds that can help permeate through the skin barrier. The plant has anti- inflammatory properties that can reduce skin redness.
We handpick our Labrador tea in the wild and untouched nature in the South of Greenland.


3 times more active than vitamin C
Rich on Phenolic compounds that fight the appearance of fine lines
Rich on anti-inflammatory Ursolic acid that promotes collagen production

About Us

Our mission is to preserve and protect natural beauty and health by employing the unique nature of Greenland itself. We bring a unique opportunity for our customers to not only feel but become revitalized every day, using only natural ingredients from a territory where life conditions demand deeper roots to thrive. Living in today’s modern society, meeting high physical and mental demands, calls for more robust natural care than we’ve seen before. Inuacare is that care.

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